Tell Me- Lisa Jackson


Based in the deep South, Tell Me is about a journalist working to uncover the truth about a murder committed twenty years prior. She is closely connected to the victim and feels she may have been partly accountable for her death.

The beginning of this book was slow with a lot of unnecessary detail. I don’t need or want to know the family, health, and work history of a character only mentioned one time! I was close to putting this one down, but decided to push through. At times I found myself fighting through pointless, unrelated plots (seemingly there only to take up space) to dig out relevant information.

Halfway into the book, I was finally intrigued and excited to know its conclusion. As the story continued it began to shell out more and more interesting hints to the truth and eventually built me up for some crazy twist at the end.

I won’t say it was a COMPLETE disappointment but I will say that I finished the book feeling let down and wanting more. Then again, having just read Gone Girl, my expectations were sky high. Although Tell Me had its moments, this is not a favorite of mine, and I would not recommend.

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